Hey my loves! I had to come to you guys for a quick post about the Iris Beilin Mis Amores Lip Palette for e.l.f. Cosmetics! I had only heard about it thanks to the ladies of A Style of our Own. I’m glad too because this lip palette is AMAZING! Before we even get into these colors (you know I had to hook you up with pics) let us discuss a few details about these lippies. The palette was rather inexpensive at $16 and it comes with (or came, I’m not sure f they still have it) with the cutest pink makeup pouch, that I’m almost tempted to use as a clutch. LOL! Now for the palette to be so inexpensive these lippies feel amazing! They go on thick but they’re not sticky at all! I’ve only ever gotten that same feeling from MAC Lipglass so I was really impressed. I’ve been wearing just regular lipstick for a while now, usually not applying anything on top because I was happy with the finish so I was kind of leery at first because I didn’t want to have greasy looking lips like some glosses offer. These lippies offered a great amount of gloss without my lips looking OVERLY oily! 

Now lets get into these colors! I won’t say too much except these are really buildable so you can do as little for some color or really go in and create a richer look! These pics I took I used 2 or 3 coats so I could really see how these colors look. Check em out n these LARGE photos! *eye roll*

I really adore these Reds!

The nudes are my go to for an everyday look!

When you’re trying to see if you can rock a coral color and the decide


This purple shade was really pretty. I just wish it were a TAD bit darker!

Thanks for stopping bye! See ya at the next post which will be (more than likely) a review on the bareMinerals barePRO foundation I received from Influenster!

Oh and before I go I want to give a shout out to Ayisat at the e.l.f store in Culver City. She was super helpful! Excellent customer service!

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