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“JOIFUL. Beauty and Wellness at your service”

Because who wouldn’t LOVE to be pampered from head to toe in the comfort of your own home? Or hotel? Or even your office??!

And that exactly what the JOIFUL app does. It provides a service to accommodate you with whatever spa services you need wherever  you need it! Joiful offers massages, skincare, nail care, hair care, men’s grooming, makeup and waxing! HOW GENIUS IS THIS IDEA? Gotta love a good app… According to their concierge they have about 90 JOIFUL artists on their roster who will hook you up! Only restriction is that you have to be located in the West Los Angeles area. I guess the need to look and feel beautiful was saturated in this area (side eye) So yeah… But they will be expanding to other areas in the future so that’s a plus! Check out JOIFUL.COM for more information on downloading the app!

SO let’s get into this JOIFUL APP LAUNCH PARTY! Can we say it was BOMB.COM?! Yeah we’ll say that… Why you ask? BECAUSE it supplied me with  the main components to convince me to leave the house: food, an open bar (but y’all know I don’t too much drink. I’m good with pineapple juice on ice TBH), great music, a myriad of other Blogger Babes and content creators to meet, a fashion show, swagbags and of course that most important of them all…. A PHOTO BOOTH!! HEHEHE. Y’all knooooooow I’m always available for a photo booth! The event was held at Playa Studios in Culver City. Such a cute venue! Decorated pretty eccentrically with some dope art and portraits. Check out to see! What’s crazy is that you could smell the party before you even saw anything and when you hit the corner BAM! FLOWERS! The entrance of the party was decorated with the most pretty orange, white, yellow and pink flowers and it smelled AMAZING! Shout out to The Flower Chef for putting together such a beautiful arrangement. Myself and Amber of Amber Social LA hit up their “Orange Carpet” proceeded to explore the rest of the event.

Joiful App Launch Party Leaux.Samone AmberSocialLA Blogger Babes

Joiful App Launch Party Leaux Samone AmberSocialLA

Joiful App Launch Party Leaux Samone Vic Styles

Joiful App Launch Party Leaux Samone AmberSocialLA Blogger Babes

Joiful App Launch Party cocktail

Joiful App Launch Party

Joiful App Launch Party

Joiful App Launch Party

Joiful App Launch Party Dazzle Dry

Joiful App Launch Party

Joiful App Launch Party The EC Twins

Joiful App Launch Party

Joiful App Launch Party Leaux Samone AmberSocialla Heidi Nazarudin Blogger Babes

Joiful App Launch Party Leaux Samone

I will say it was a much larger crowd than I thought it would be. I guess I anticipated some small get together full of bloggers being introduced to the app but this was not it. It was a loud, good time! And when I say loud I mean the EC Twins didn’t spare our eardrums not one bit! LOL! Their were different types of stations around the venue that showcased the types of services and products that Joiful offers which was cool. And they also had an area to get these cute little glittery Joiful tattoos. And this photo booth I was so amped about actually turned out to be some 360 dream raining flowers around me and dancing to Prince! Click here and swipe to see the action! It was amazing! They did have a fashion show that I was somewhat uninterested in because I had been standing in line for the 360 photo my feet were BARKING and I didn’t want to move to get get pics so that’s that. Lol!  If I can somehow figure out how to post these videos I have of the event I most definitely will because I’d love for you to see the atmosphere, the body artist, and the dancing Queen. Like for real, he was getting his LIFE! LOL!

Thanks to Heidi from Blogger Babes for the invite! It was a marvelous time! Stay tuned to see what was in my goody bag! And #BEJOIFUL!



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