Hey my loves! I just wanted to drop you guys a quick little something that wil hopefully get you salivating like I did! I happen to come across Rosa Mexicano while enagaing in tourist activities during All Star Weekend here in Los Angeles! Well not really happen to come cross it because I knew the restaurant was there from when I used to work in the L.A. Live area. But I had never actually been inside. And lowkey I probably wouldn’t have went it this time had my uncle not disliked Asian food. There is a spot next to Rosa Mexicano that I wanted to try bcause I saw that they had something like a garlic soy chicken wing but another time! And I’m sure another blog post! Y’all know I’m on a mission to be a foodie Queen! LOL!

Although I’m trying to be a foodie Queen, my tastes are actually quite simple for the most part. Unless you tell me what someting is I’ll more than likely just stick to what I know (read: what I can pronounce. Lol!) or what looks familiar. And that’s what I did. Got what looked familiar. For me it doesn’t get anymore familiar than Guacamole! And did he hook it up! Tableside guac is always the best!

Rosa Mexicano Guacamole

Along with my guac that everyone dug into I ordered the Flautas. I placed my order not expecting not to be too thrilled because I’ve had flautas before at another restaurant but they were NOWHERE near as good as these!! Babaaaaaaaaay! These hit the spot!

Rosa Mexicano Flautas

And if you aren’t familiar a flauta is *Crispy corn tortillas filled with chicken tinga and topped with salsa pasilla de Oaxaca, salsa verde, queso fresco and crema*. Now I’ve never had pasilla de Oaxaca but it was AMAZING! It has this smoky taste that really just took the flautas to the next level. If I were feeling greedy I definitely would’ve ordered 3 more. Lol. And it was only 10.95. Not bad. I’m just kidding. I’m not sure if that price is good or not for this dish LOL! I am aware that I was at LA Live so i could’ve just been paying to be in Downtown LA because Lord knows they love to jack up the prices of simple items. But I will be paying it AGAIN. And SOON! I definitely recommend Rosa Mexicano if you’re in the LA area.

Here are some other dishes consumed by my family members that they thought were tasty as well!

Rosa Mexicano enchiladas Rosa Mexicano tacos

Rosa Mexicano quesadillas

See you next blog post boos

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