Hey everyone!! I just wanted to share with you all an exhibit that is currently going on in downtown Los Angeles that I had the chance to attend this past Saturday. Break Bread which features cake sculptures from Scott Hove and water color paintings from Baker’s son  and is being hosted by the Think Tank Gallery.


Upon entering myself and Amber entered a room occupied by Bakers Son that was very reminiscent of real life, especially in the inner city. An ice cream truck, a vigil, and images of past times that I could very easily relate to surrounded us. Luckily Baker’s Son, or Keith, was there painting away in his element until I interrupted him! Look…. I needed a picture ok!?  He was very nice and explained to us how his paintings were a nostalgic look into his past from pictures of kool aid, homie the clown, Nas’ illmatic cover art, and honey buns!! Who didn’t like honey buns as a child!? I’ve since graduated from honey buns to Cinnabun lol but I can’t lie and say I didn’t have a taste for one after seeing the picture. There were other portrayals that set a more serious tone such as pictures of a gun and the vigil filled with stuffed animals in which he explained that he had lost friends to violence in the past.  must day that he is an excellent artist!

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Once we exited that room we made our way into another room that was filled with the works of Scott Hove and I must say the cake sculptures are something that requires a bit more thought to actually understand and unfortunately Scott Hove wasn’t there to offer an explanation into what was roaming in his mind.  Oh well. I can just assume it is something crazy beautiful… yeah we’ll go with that.

20160220_121620 20160220_121602 20160220_121846 Snapchat-9020519040604394443 Snapchat-8315077709830772426

In the next room is something that resembles a fun house maze full of mirrors and more cake sculptures, that will eventually lead to something else like a jail cell….or a locked basement!

20160220_122318 20160220_122426 20160220_122518 20160220_122715 20160220_122744 20160220_123326

What we really had fun with was the fire and rain… literally a background that kept changing between fire and rain. Not sure the whole reason behind it but they made for some pretty cool pics! LOL!

20160220_123005 20160220_122856 20160220_12303220160220_123248

We eventually made our way to the coffee area and we were met by B! B Fienberg is the creator and CEO of Bs Brig. B is from Brazil and offered us a Brazilian treat I had never heard of: Brigadeiro. It tasted like brownie mix with sprinkles on top. Delicious! I wanted more but didn’t want to look greedy.

20160220_123528 20160220_123540 20160220_123832 20160220_123553 20160220_123832

There was a disco ball that illuminated the area that gave Amber the inspiration she need to twirl. Because a girls gotta get a pic that looks like she one with the atmosphere! B being a fellow twirl enthusiast introduced us to an app that is basically going to take our photos to the next level! Thank B for Boomerang! GIFs on deck! LOL!


20160220_125939 20160220_124442

We tried to get a good on in the fire and rain room but my boomerang skills are clearly subpar to Bs. She’s a pro.

That was basically all there was to the whole thing.

I went with expectations that the exhibit would be a bit, I don’t know…. GRANDER than it actually was and this was based off of a pic that looked like something from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But that wasn’t exactly the case. I also didn’t realize that it was smack dab in the middle of Downtown LA!! You know… those congested parts I don’t care for! Ha! It was still nonetheless an interesting, crazy/beautiful, cakey, nostalgic labyrinth of the sorts and it was just nice to enjoy something on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It’s going to be going on until March 13, 2016 so if you’re in the LA area go check it out!

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