Hey everyone!!! It’s been a while! I hope the start of 2018 is treating you so well and that it’s been the kickoff to some amazing things for you! So yeah…. I know….Tinsel? As in Christmas? Yes…. because technically I got this box a few days before Christmas *sidebar: Speaking of Christmas, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!* But yes Influenster sent me a good ol’ Tinsel voxbox which really wasn’t anything Christmas related but whatever. It had a few goodies in it and that’s all that mattered! So let’s get into this voxbox:

I honestly didn’t even try this. I don’t use dry shampoo or dry conditioner. And at this point in my hair care journey the term dry is anything but appealing! I like words like moisture! My mom more than likely is going to get this but if I happen to test a small spot on my scalp I will let you all know what I think!

This sample of Vera Wang Embrace is such a lovely scent. It really captures the essence of Green Tea and you can definitely smell the blossom in it! It’s pretty light and it’s giving me a nice Spring day but I can guarantee this little sample will be gone in the next few days! There was also a sample of a Nautica Cologne but I gave that to my dad!

So this insert is the only thing in this box that gave me Christmas vibes! LOL I see they tried! They even gave us a little recipe for cookies…. if I remember correctly. I probably would’ve tried out the recipe but like I mentioned this was delivered with a coupon for FREE COUNTRY CROCK a few days before Christmas, I already had my cookie recipe which I intended to make with *ahem* real butter so yeeeeeeeah. I’ll just use it for something else!

Unfortunately this Hautelook coupon expired before I could even finish blinking but thanks any Influenster! LO!

This Gold Bond Radiance came right on time because this change in weather is drying my skin UP! It had been a little chilly in Los Angeles and then it just recently warmed up so now my skin is feeling a little dry. I love Gold Bond anyways. I’ve used it for years so I was really excited to try this Radiance Renewal cream oil. It feels so good and has a nice cocoa butter fragrance. Not too strong though.

There was also something in the voxbox for our fur babies thanks to BARKBOX! But since I don’t have any fur babies of my own yet my aunt’s pooch got a Christmas gift. Zuri looks pretty pleased if you ask me! LOL

Let’s get to this lip color by Luscious Pout Maker Lip Contour Crayon appropriately named Queen Bee

As beautiful as the Queen Bee color looks in this picture that the lip crayon itself was a bit too drying for my liking. I added some vaseline on top and that helped but honestly it’s not worth the hassle. They should maybe think about adjusting the formula. And I didn’t need to add these many pics of me but sometimes I’m just extra like that…

*I received this voxbox complimentary for testing.*

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